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Loving Care Pet Sitting & Etc.
Welcome to my site!

Leave your pets at home from now on! No more kennels or worrying about who's going to stay home to feed! I'll do it for you at your home!
Reasonable Prices for the hard working people.
Prices starting at $20.00 per trip locally in Midlothian for small pets. Livestock will be $30.00 per trip. I remain the right to raise the price depending on the amount of livestock, and the duties needed as livestock require more sometimes.   No initial charge! I will only feed in the Midlothian area, city and country wide.
Pay MUST be in advance. Cash only Please before services.
  I will also bring your mail and newspapers in, rotate the lights, and water the plants at no extra charge.
  I'll come to your home, feed & water your animals, give them any meds that they may need. I WILL NOT CLEAN LITTER BOXES UNLESS THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN CLEANED BEFORE YOU'VE LEFT! OTHERWISE; I WILL! Spend at least 30 minutes with them, playing or comforting your pets also. Bring them in or let them out when I leave or put them in the carriers or cages that some people put them in regularly. I will come at about 2-12 hour intervals, at around 5pm to 7pm, and get there as early in the mornings as possible unless you require 3 times a day. I will come over and put them inside if they're outside, and put them in the house or shelter preferred for them if the weather gets bad or it starts to rain. I will need an owners letter of permission to take pet for treatment in the event something happens. And emergency numbers where you can be reached.
 References available. Recommended by local Vet Clinic also! Years of experience feeding from cats, fish,and dogs to goats ,horses to Llamas! 
     Thank you again!!



If you'd like to have more info on petsitters and to see forms to have me to fill out for emergency to veternarian's in the event that your pets get sick, or to even have a pet sitter's agreement form; please go to this link.


Thanks for dropping by my site! If you have any questions about pet sitting or the horses and even just have comments on all of this; please do so!

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